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About Sainsbury's Brand Match?

What is Brand Match?
Brand Match means you won't pay more instore or online for your basket of branded groceries and it's simple.  Just follow the Brand Match link to find out more. You can even check your recent receipts and see how it worked out for you.  One of the many ways we help you Live Well for Less.

Check out question 1 on our Brand Match Frequently Asked Questions  site for more information.

Brand Match email?

There are 2 types of Brand Match email that you may receive:

  • A reminder for you to use your Brand Match voucher next time you’re instore.

  • A ‘quarterly statement’ email that summarises the number of Brand Match coupons that you've received in the last quarter.  This may be sent to customers who have received 1 or more coupons in the last quarter.

Don't forget that you can check your receipts at the Brand Match  website in the meantime.  If you have any further queries that aren't answered on our website, don't hesitate in calling our Customer Careline

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