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Do your products contain Palm Oil?

Some of our products do contain palm oil, yes.  We’re aware that palm oil cultivation can contribute to deforestation and climate change, and have a direct impact on the natural habitat of orang-utans and other wildlife.

We'd like to assure you that we're committed to sourcing with integrity.  It’s important that the palm oil used in our products is sourced from plantations that can demonstrate they have not endangered tropical rainforests.  At the same time, we appreciate the economic contribution palm oil makes to many disadvantaged communities in growing regions, and we understand the need to support these communities to produce sustainable palm oil.

In 2007, we made a commitment that we would only use sustainable palm oil in our own brand products by the end of 2014.

In 2008, our Basics fish fingers became the first food to be made with sustainable palm oil.  Since then, we have also used sustainable palm oil in our standard bars of soap and in all our rich tea and digestive biscuits.

While many companies conceal the use of palm oil in their products by labelling it simply as vegetable oil, we know that our customers want to know which products contain it.  If our products contain palm oil they are labelled as such.  We’ve also introduced our own ‘sustainable palm oil’ logo, which you’ll see on the packaging

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