Welcome to Sainsbury’s Help Centre

Need help with your Mobile by Sainsbury’s device?

With our handy, easy to use website you can find guidance and support for your mobile device.

Whether you need help with identifying a problem; support on how to update your software, or just some set up advice, you can find it all here.  

Examples of what you can find on our tech support website:

Device Diagnosis
Help with features and functions and getting the most from your device.

Software Update Guidance
Help with downloading and running the latest software version for your device to ensure you can benefit from all the new features.

Getting set up for internet access
Find straightforward set up steps to get online and stay up to date.

Backup Advice
Find all the information you need to keep your contacts, pictures and music safe.

Book a Repair
Follow our steps to diagnose the problem and if we can’t provide a fix online, you can book your device in for a repair straightaway.

Track an existing repair
We know that our customers rely on their mobile devices and that it can be frustrating not knowing what’s happening when a device is in for repair.  That’s why we have an online tracking service where you can find out exactly where your device is in the repair process

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