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Why do you charge me for carrier bags?

We are obliged by law to charge for the use of carrier bags. We apply a 40p charge to all orders that use carrier bags and the proceeds are distributed to local good causes.

This is a compulsory fee that will be automatically added to your basket for deliveries on or after 5 October 2015, should you choose to receive your groceries in plastic bags. This charge will appear in your online trolley and on the receipt you receive with your shopping.

We now offer the option for you to choose whether you would like to have your order delivered with or without carrier bag. If you select not to receive bags you will not be charged the 40p carrier bag charge. You can select whether to have your order delivered with or without carrier bags on the checkout page.

Our aim has always been to reduce the number of carrier bags used by our customers, reflecting the environmental objectives set out in this legislation. We believe that our 5p reusable bags are the most effective way to do this, as they are made of recycled material and are recyclable, and we will replace them free of charge if they become damaged. We will also donate any profits we make from these reusable bags to good causes.  We do however, still provide single use carrier bags for online orders should a customer request their shopping be bagged.

You can find more details about the legislation here, and Government guidance on the charge here.

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