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Are any of your products tested on animals?

 We are committed to animal welfare and our animal testing policy is an essential aspect in this commitment. In addition to our policy, the Sainsburys own brand cosmetic, personal care, household cleaning and laundry own brand products are certified under the Leaping Bunny programme. The Leaping Bunny programme certifies products and ingredients used in the products are free from animal testing from an agreed cut-off date. 

Sainsbury's have not commissioned any animal testing on our own brand cosmetic products since before 1996 when the Humane Cosmetic Standard, a predecessor of the Leaping Bunny certification scheme, was launched. We insist that suppliers do not commission animal tests for our cosmetic or household products nor their ingredients.

Animals help support us in the development of our Sainsbury’s brand pet products through:

  1. Palatability studies which assess the preference and edibility of the range in a similar way to the human taste panels we use for our human food ranges
  2. User trials for pet accessories for product fit and their product suitability for instance toys, clothing, cat litter and the like.

In both cases we run these studies as in-home tests. Volunteer pet owners are selected from the panel who fit the study criteria (e.g. a small dog will be selected if the product is aimed at small dogs). Product safety is assessed and approved before trial. We do not permit the use of any establishment used to house or care for the animals that carries out any form of invasive testing e.g. blood sampling.

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