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Can I get a bagless delivery?

Bagless delivery is important to our customers and has now been introduced as an option for all online grocery orders.

Click "Checkout" and you'll see the option to select a bagless delivery.


Products are packed directly into the totes although there are a few exceptions:

  • Raw meat, fish, poultry is packed into a clear small bag
  • Loose produce and bakery also packed into a clear small bag 
  • Non food contaminants, bleach products, liquid toilet cleaners, oven cleaners are packed into a separate bag to segregate from food products.  The driver should unpack these items from the bag and it will be returned to the store to be reused

If you still want to recycle bags, just give them to your driver when you have your next delivery and we’ll recycle them for you.

You can find out more information by clicking here

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