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Carrier bags for Groceries Online and Click & Collect orders

 At Sainsbury's, reducing our plastic usage is an important part of minimising our impact on the environment and last October, we removed plastic bags from online grocery deliveries.

Early in the coronavirus pandemic we temporarily reintroduced bagged deliveries to help our colleagues serve you as quickly as possible. This was one of a range of measures we introduced.

We are now in a position to return to bagless deliveries from 30th August 2020. This applies to both Home Delivery and Click & Collect orders.

The only exception to this will be some items such as raw meat and fish, which will still be bagged for food safety reasons.

What does this mean for you?

Safety is our highest priority and our colleagues will continue to follow social distancing guidelines and will not enter your home when they deliver your order but can assist you in transferring your order from the totes to your own bags or containers. Our drivers also have sanitiser which they will continue to use before and after each delivery.

Please have bags or a suitable container ready for when your shopping arrives or during your collection slot.

If you are shielding, we would ask that you leave bags outside your door so that the driver can transfer your shopping into your bags for you.



We’re committed to removing 1280 tonnes of plastic from products over the next 12 months and removing bagged deliveries would bring us significantly closer to achieving this target.
Unfortunately not as this could impact the number of totes available for future deliveries and we would be unable to control what the tote was used for and therefore could run the risk of cross-contamination.
We emailed all customers on Sunday 23rd August to advise them that we would be returning to bagless deliveries as of Sunday 30th August. Any orders placed for delivery on or after the 30th August will be delivered without bags and all confirmation emails will reflect this.
These items will be packed into a clear barrier bag or carrier bag. 
 The delivery service does not extend to unpacking your shopping or entering the home at this time.  
You can bring your own bags for life or boxes for the order to be packed into upon collection, the colleague dealing with your collection will assist you.
Your frozen items, such as peas, chips etc will come loose in the plastic box on delivery so you will need to keep an eye out for it and pack it away promptly
From the 30th August there will be no alternative option. Please have bags or boxes ready at the time of the delivery for the product to be transferred into. .
Using bags does not on its own prevent the transfer of COVID19 – this takes a number of measures that are in place in store and with our drivers. Ensuring good hand hygiene and washing your hands regularly is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and others from catching COVID19. The risk of catching COVID from any of our containers is extremely small as they are regularly cleaned, our shoppers regularly wash their hands and our drivers have access to hand sanitiser in the van, and regularly clean their hands

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