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Providing a safe grocery delivery

The following information sets out our current delivery guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our customers and drivers are protected.

We will always deliver to the front door of your house or at least to the communal entrance to your block of flats.  Our drivers may also deliver beyond your threshold as well, if invited to do so and it is safe for them to. 

Our Driver will deliver to any floor of your residential building providing it is safe to do so.  If the driver has safety concerns they will discuss alternative options with you for that delivery.  The store will then contact you to discuss future deliveries.

Our drivers are equipped to make a reasonable adjustment to make a delivery where there are no lifts or those in place are not working, but will complete a dynamic risk assessment on each delivery to ensure it is safe and practical to make that delivery.  The driver will consider any potential safety issues such as width and condition of the stairs and any risk to their personal safety.

Please note that our service does not extend to unpacking your shopping from its bags.

For deliveries to customers at a business address, we are only able to deliver to the ground floor communal entrance of your business, but are unfortunately not able to come up to your desk or place of work. If your business has a shared ground floor reception, this is the point to which we will deliver.

Please ensure you are available to receive and sign for the order within your timeslot. Our drivers will wait a reasonable amount of time for you to arrive at the ground floor reception to collect your order but if you do not arrive, they may need to leave without delivering your order. While we may be able to organise a redelivery for a subsequent time, we may need to charge for this redelivery.

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