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Want to search for a store by individual services available? Here's how.

This information is not available on the mobile version of our website unless you select 'View full site' at the bottom of the mobile home page.

- Follow this Store Locator link
- Enter your town or postcode in the search box
- Click Go

You can now see the stores nearest you on the left in order of distance.

- Click the arrow next to 'Filter by store facility'

A list of areas will appear that you can use to filter your search.

- Click the arrow next to each area and select the services you want to filter down to

The map will update each time you make a selection.  To see the filtered list of stores:

- Click the arrow next to 'Show store list'

The list that will now appear will be filtered to only show those stores that are near you with the facilities you chose.

We are unable to provide a full list of all stores with a specific facility or service as stores can only be shown by entering a postcode.

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