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My ID/Shared log in


Has login changed on Sainsbury’s Groceries?

Yes, Sainsbury’s Groceries now uses My ID to make accessing your account easier.

If you have a Nectar account, My ID means you can now log in to Nectar using the same email and password you use to access Sainsbury’s Groceries.

Using My ID also means that if you update your password in Sainsbury’s Groceries, your password will automatically update for your Nectar account.

What are the benefits of My ID?

Linked passwords

If you have a Nectar account, your account is now linked to your Sainsbury’s Groceries account so you only have to remember one password.

Improved registration

You can also use your Sainsbury’s Groceries login details to quickly register for Nectar if you don’t already have an account.

Security you can trust

We’ll be rolling out our industry-leading technology, so you can be sure your information will always be safe.

Does My ID affect my Nectar card?

No, My ID doesn’t affect your Nectar card. There are no changes in how you collect and redeem your points, and there’s no need to get a new Nectar card.

I use the same email address on Sainsbury’s Groceries and Nectar, but different Nectar card numbers. Will my points be synced?

No, Nectar cards will not be synced as only login details are shared. The Nectar card linked to your Nectar app and website will remain separate from the one you use for Sainsbury’s Groceries.

Is my personal data safe with My ID?

Yes, in line with data protection regulations, we’re committed to not misusing your personal data.


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