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Nectar Online Redemption FAQ’s

How do I convert my nectar points into a Sainsbury’s Evoucher?
Firstly, you must link your card, even if you are already setup to collect points.

To link your Nectar card follow the below steps: 

  1. Log in to your account 
  2. Select 'My Account'
  3. Go to 'My Card'
  4. Click on 'Add Nectar Card'

Once you’ve done this when you are placing an order on the Sainsbury’s Website, once you follow the process through to the checkout there will be a section on the checkout page ‘Evouchers and Nectar Points’- click on the link Add e-vouchers and spend nectar points online. 

Is there a minimum basket spend I must reach before using Sainsbury’s created Nectar Vouchers?
There is the standard minimum basket spend that will have to be met on every groceries online order of £25

What is the maximum value of vouchers I can use on a Sainsbury’s order?
You will be able to spend to a maximum of £247.50 of Nectar vouchers on any one order. 

Can I use more then one voucher at a time?
You can use multiple Nectar evouchers per transaction/grocery delivery but each Nectar evoucher must be of a different value.   For example, you cannot add two Nectar evouchers of £10 each to a transaction but you could add a Nectar evoucher for £12.50 and another for £7.50.

What happens if the link to add evouchers and spend Nectar points is not showing?
This link will only appear if you have a valid nectar card registered on your Groceries online account.

Can I use a Nectar Voucher to cover Delivery Charge?
Nectar Vouchers cannot be used to cover the Delivery Charge.

Can I use a Nectar Voucher to cover Carrier Bag Charges?
Nectar Vouchers cannot be used to cover the carrier bag charge attached to the order.

If my Order is cancelled will my voucher still be in place for my next order?
If your order is cancelled before the 11pm cut-off the voucher will return to your voucher wallet and can be used on your next shop. The voucher is valid for a year from the point of issue.

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