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How do I use my in-store and online coupon?

Since 2017, we have introduced a new type of coupon to our customers that can be used both online and in store. These coupons can be easily identified as they state 'use online or in store' on the coupon. 

If you want to use your coupon online, you can find these coupons in your Coupon Wallet (as long as your account is linked to the Nectar card number stated on the front of the coupon) when you log into your Online Groceries account. Click here to log into your account. 


It can take from 24 to 72 hours for the coupon to appear in your account.

Coupons will appear greyed out when they're not valid on that day of delivery. The coupons will state the start and end date.

You will not be able to use more than one of the same coupon in a single transaction. When you click to use one of these, the others will grey out indicating they can't all be applied together.

On some coupons, we have to manually add bonus points at a later date so bonus points from coupons will not always appear on the receipt. You’ll receive the bonus Nectar points within 48 hours of delivery. We always advise checking your Nectar account after 48 hours to ensure the points have appeared.

Within 48 hours of delivery. You’ll need to check your Nectar account as the points will not be on your receipt.

Yes. As long as you ordered the right item you’ll get the reward even if the item is substituted.

No. It is the delivery slot which must be within the start and end date of the coupon. If the delivery date is outside of the coupon validity date then the coupon will appear greyed out until the delivery date is changed. The expiration date of the printed coupon should be the same as the online version.

The coupons were most likely assigned to your old card number. Click here to contact us and we’ll investigate further.

Yes. As long as your Online account is linked to the same Nectar card that received the printed coupon and as long as the coupon is still in date for the chosen delivery slot.

No. The same exclusion rules apply online as they do in store. Click here for more information.

Unfortunately no, that information is not available in the Coupon Wallet.

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