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We've ended Brand Match to bring lower regular prices

Brand Match ended on 26 April 2016

Why has Brand Match ended?
We talked to customers around the country.  And they told us that having lower regular prices across the store was more important than Brand Match. 

We believe in clear, simple pricing and over the past 18 months we've been lowering regular prices on thousands of products, removing price promotions like fractions and percentages and reducing the number of multibuys.

Will I still get good value?
By ending Brand Match, we are now investing more in what you tell us matters.

We're putting the money we used to spend on Brand Match towards lower regular prices on our products. And we'll continue to monitor our prices on brands to make sure we stay competitive.

Can I still redeem my Brand Match coupon?
If you received a coupon on or before 26 April this will have the normal two week redemption period.  You’ll find the expiry date on the front of the coupon.

Why have you made the decision to remove Brand Match?
We asked our customers what was more important to them when it came to getting good value and we received a clear message that lower regular prices mattered more than Brand Match.  

That’s why we’re investing all the money we used to spend on Brand Match into lower regular prices on products we know customers buy week in, week out. However, we’ll continue to monitor our competitor prices to make sure we offer great value across the whole shop.  

When did the Brand Match scheme end?
We told our customers on 7 April, nearly three weeks in advance that as of midnight on 26 April, we will not be issuing any further coupons.

Is this just a way of saving money?
When we asked our customers what mattered most to them when it came to value, they told us that lower regular prices was more important that Brand Match. That’s why we’re investing all the money we used to spend on Brand Match into lower regular prices on the products we know you buy week in, week out.

I’m an online shopper and you’ve only just launched Brand Match online, why are you’ve taken it away?
The scheme hasn’t been available online for as long as in store however it was important for us to offer all our customers the same experience wherever they chose to shop with us. However, following our customers research, this is the right time to close Brand Match altogether and invest instead into lower regular prices on every day products.

What products are we investing in and when will this happen? 
The investment will be spread out across the year, starting with hundreds of new lower regular prices being introduced now Brand Match has come to an end. 

Can you give me some examples of where you have lowered prices in the past?  
Yes we can!  Over the last year and a half, we’ve been investing into lower regular pricing on products we know our customers buy regularly.  Some examples of where we’ve lowered prices include:

Product Original price Lower regular price
British beef mince 500g £4.00 £3.30
Chicken Breast Fillet Portions 460g £3.30 £2.95
Wholemeal Medium 800g £0.55 £0.45
Washing Up Liquid Lemon 740ml £1.10 £0.80
Little Ones Pull-Ons Nappies X24 £3.90 £3.20

I received an email from you, how did you get my details?
As you have signed up to Nectar and we have a close partnership with Nectar, we were able to send you this email to advise you on the upcoming changes we are having regarding Brand Match.

The email we sent was a service email. You may not receive any further correspondence from Sainsbury's, but as Brand Match was available in store and online we wanted to ensure that customers who may be affected by this are informed.


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