How do I get an evoucher?

How do I get an evoucher?

We sometimes send out evouchers as part of a marketing email, or you may find one printed in one of our magazines. We're even printing evouchers on train advertising!

Essentially an evoucher is a 12 digit number, it will be a mixture of letters and numbers, and it will have certain conditions attached. That may be a use by date, a 'delivered by' date - in other words it will only be valid for a delivery on or before the stated date - or it may require you to spend a minimum amount to get the evoucher discount off your online shop.

If you have an evoucher code, just key it in and click 'Add Voucher' before you check out your order and we'll do the rest.

Plese visit Nectarto find info on how to get an evoucher.

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