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About Sainsbury's gift card

Sainsbury’s gift cards bought in store can be used in stores and also at our petrol filling stations (PFS). Unfortunately, gift cards and gift vouchers can't be used when shopping online.

You are unable to use gift cards in conjunction with any purchases made on LloydsPharmacy products, any items that are bought at the tobacco kiosk, or on any products purchased from a Sainsbury’s Local in partnership with Euro Garages.

Please note, only Sainsbury's gift cards bought in store and Fuel Cards (one with an image of a fuel pump at the front) can be used at our PFS.

You can find a wealth of information on gift cards and Student Meal Tickets on our Sainsbury's Gifts website.

You can also find information about our Business Direct Gift Cards here and read FAQ's here.

You can check your balance by calling 0800 636262. Just have your gift card ready with the silver scratch panel scratched off.

We also sell a range of branded gift cards in-store including iTunes, Amazon, Love film, Claire's Accessories and BHS. Please contact your nearest store to check availability.


Gift cards are a credit-card size plastic card that can be loaded with any amount of money from £1 to £750. They work in the same way as paper vouchers and are an alternative to giving a cash gift.

Yes, you can. Vouchers have a 2-year expiry date.

Yes. You can use your gift card and reload the balance as many times as you want. Just make sure you use your card at least once instore within 24 months – otherwise it will expire and you won't be able to spend the balance.

Yes, you can buy and spend your gift card through Fast Track.

Yes, you can.

You can put any amount from £1 to £750 onto a card. Business to Business cards can hold up to a £2,000 balance.

We cannot offer refunds on gift cards. This is on the terms and conditions, which you'll find on the reverse of the gift card. Further details can be found by:

Unfortunately, we can't offer you a change in cash. You'll need to spend the remainder of the balance instore.

It may not have been activated. Please call customer service on 0800 636262.

Yes, no problem! Just take the item, your receipt and your gift card to the customer service desk.

No, but there's a selection of cards and envelopes for sale on the Gift Card Centre.

Once you've purchased something with your card, you'll be given a till receipt and a gift card statement that will show your opening and closing balance. You can also ask someone at a Sainsbury's till or customer service desk to swipe your card to find out the balance.

Yes, you can.

No, you can't pay off your Credit Card with a gift card.

Unfortunately, you can't yet use your gift card online – but we hope to change that soon.

Yes, you can.

Not at the moment.


Yes, you can.

Yes, simply by calling our corporate sales team on 0870 0101 351.

Unfortunately not – but you do get your discount when you use the card to purchase goods.

Cards cannot be used to pay for concession products. For a list of concession products please see excluded products.

For a list of corporate gift card FAQs please click here

  1. Sainsbury’s gift cards can only be used at Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd as part or full payment for goods. They cannot be redeemed at sainsburys.co.uk
  2. Cards cannot be exchanged for cash or used to pay for Sainsbury's Bank products, services, credit card balances and concession products. For a list of concession products please see excluded products.
  3. The initial and subsequent balances can be checked, or additional funds loaded up to £750, at checkouts instore. The card balance will be printed on the till receipt after each use.
  4. Treat the card as cash. If a card is lost or stolen, we can cancel it to stop anyone spending your balance and issue you with a new card, but we cannot refund any balance spent on a stolen card.
  5. Sainsbury’s is not responsible for any unauthorised use of the card, and reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this service at any time.
  6. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us on 0800 636262. Lines are open Monday to Saturday, 8am until 7pm.
  7. Manage your gift card by registering at www.sainsburysgifts.co.uk/registermycard
  8. The funds on this gift card/gift voucher are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. In the unlikely event of the issuer of this product becoming insolvent some funds on this card/voucher may not be available to spend.
  9. Gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be purchased at self-serve checkouts.
  10. Sainsbury's reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions of this service at any time.
  11. The gift voucher may not be used for purchases from Concessions in Sainsbury’s stores or at Sainsbury’s Local in partnership with Euro Garages.
  12. The gift card may not be used for purchases from Concessions in Sainsbury’s stores or at Sainsbury’s Local in partnership with Euro Garages.
  13. The card is valid for 24 months from last transaction (inc balance enquiries on the till in store) If inactive for 24 months any remaining balance will be deducted.


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