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Customer Notice - Products containing egg from The Netherlands

Free range birds in The Netherlands are being temporarily housed in barns for their welfare.

As a result, some of our products such as our dairy desserts and coleslaw may contain egg which is no longer classed as free range.

Our fresh eggs are not affected and we are committed to doing everything we can to support free range farmers during this time.

How many of your products are affected? 
It’s a small number of lines. 

Will you continue to sell all of these products or will your eggs/chickens etc. go to waste?
We will continue to sell our suppliers’ products. The only difference is that, because of a temporary Housing Order in The Netherlands, the egg within these products cannot be classed as free range. To ensure the continued welfare of the birds, all our birds have been temporarily housed in barns to high welfare standards.

Is the quality of your products affected?
No - our products must still pass the same rigorous quality control tests. 

How are you making sure customers are aware that the products they buy are no longer free range?
We've placed signs in our stores and on our website explaining that, in line with the Housing Order in The Netherlands, there's a temporary change to the free range status of egg within certain products. 

Are you paying your suppliers less? 
No. The cost to our suppliers has not changed and we are continuing to do whatever we can to support them.

How are you supporting your suppliers?
We've been in constant communication with our suppliers, farmers and industry bodies to ensure we share the latest thinking. We'll continue to source from our affected suppliers.

Which products are affected by this?
Please see below for a list of the affected products.

Product name Product weight SKU number
12 Belgian Chocolate Profiterole Stack 280g  280g 1373851
2 Belgian Chocolate Eclairs 2x55g 2x55g 1224993
4 Belgian Chocolate Eclairs 4x35g - 4x35g 6035170
2 Belgian Chocolate Choux Buns 2x83g 6408626
12pk Salted Caramel Profiteroles 255g 7812548
6 Cream Cake Selection 356g 356g 6635449
Individual Choc prof dessert 115g 7564577
Individual Salted Caramel Dessert 114g 7856088
TTD Luxury Coleslaw 180g 7846003
TTD Luxury Coleslaw 300g 1081459
TTD Luxury Coleslaw 600g 7551676
TTD Barber’s mature cheddar coleslaw 300g 6286421
TTD apple, raisin and walnut coleslaw 300g 6316234
TTD Beetroot, walnut and feta salad 185g 7846241
TTD Charlotte potato salad 300g 7621364

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