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Reassurance on eggs

However you like your eggs - poached or scrambled, in a quiche or in a cake – they can play a big part in our diets.

Following reports that some eggs from mainland Europe could contain traces of fipronil, an insecticide that isn’t permitted on British poultry farms, we know many people have concerns.

We wish to reassure our customers that all of the fresh shell eggs we sell are British and are therefore not affected by the issue and completely safe to eat.

The Food Standards Agency has also advised that any product withdrawals relating to non-British egg ingredients have been arranged as a precautionary measure and for legal reasons, as they are extremely unlikely to cause any health issues.

In our case, the Food Standards Agency asked us to withdraw two salad bowls which contained egg sourced from Holland as a precautionary measure. These were removed immediately but are now back on store shelves and entirely safe to consume following thorough product testing.

We haven’t made any further withdrawals since and continue to follow guidance from the Food Standards Agency.

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