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What is SmartShop and how does it work?

SmartShop is a new in-store shopping app trial that lets you scan as you go! This means you'll be able to skip the checkout queues and be on your way in no time.

There are two ways to get started: 

  • SmartShop app – register by downloading the SmartShop app. Click here for iOS or here for Android.
  • SmartShop in store handset – register in store using a tablet on the handset wall. 

Once you’ve selected your method, all you need to do is shop, scan and bag your products then skip the queues and pay instantly by heading towards our SmartShop checkouts when you’re done!

Click here for more information on SmartShop. 
Click here for SmartShop Terms and Conditions. 



Can I SmartShop anywhere?   Not yet. SmartShop is currently only available in selected stores.  

Can I use my phone to SmartShop?   Yes. As long as you have an iOS and Android phone you can download the SmartShop app, register and begin building your shopping list at home. Click here for iOS or here for Android.

Can I use an in-store handset to SmartShop?   Yes. If you have already registered, simply head to the SmartShop area in store and swipe your Nectar card to release a handset. If you haven’t registered, don’t worry, you can sign up in store on the tablet at the handset wall.

What if I buy an item that needs to be weighed?  If you pick up fruit or vegetables that need to be weighed, please use the weighing scales in the fruit and vegetable aisle to get a barcode sticker and then simply scan that.

What if I buy a loose item?   For items that are loose and don’t have a barcode, check the shelf ticket for a specific barcode to scan.

Can I still buy items with age restrictions or security tags?   Some products are tagged with security tags – visible or invisible – and need authorisation because of age restrictions. Your handset will let you know so just pop it to one side when you get to the checkout and a colleague will help you.

What happens if you scanned an item by mistake?  Don’t worry – simply press ‘remove the item’ on your handset and then scan the barcode.

How do I checkout and pay for my items?   When you get to the checkout, scan the QR code sticker on the checkout and then either scan or swipe your Nectar card. You then simply need to follow the payment instructions using a debit or credit card.
How will I know if I've scanned everything properly?  To help make sure you haven’t over charged yourself or missed anything off, we’ll sometimes rescan a bag of shopping. These checks will happen from time to time.


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