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What is your THINK 25 policy?

As a responsible retailer, it's really important to us that age restricted products don't end up in the hands of those underage.  We're not only legally obliged to do this, but also recognise the importance of this as part of our company value to make a positive difference to our communities.

We also recognise how difficult it can be for our colleagues to judge the age of someone in their mid-late teens or early twenties.  Someone who looks 18 could easily be 16, likewise they could easily be 20 or 22.  It's less likely however, that they'll be 25.  For this reason, we ask all colleagues to check the age of anyone buying restricted products who they believe to be under 25.

Shop online?  Think 25 applies to online shopping too. Please be aware that you may be asked for proof of age upon delivery.

Here's a list of the IDs we accept as proof of age.


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