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Sainsbury’s juicy points boost campaign terms and conditions

Participation in the Sainsbury’s Juicy Points Boost promotion (the “Promotion”) is via the Nectar app only. Activate the Juicy Points Boost tile in the app between 17 February – 9 March 2021 (the “Promotional Dates”) to participate and to collect bonus Nectar points.

Promotional Nectar points are personal to you and vary based on your shopping history at Sainsbury’s and whether you have previously participated with the app.

Between 17th February 2021 – 9th March 2021 all customers will receive a Juicy Boost points giveaway when they open the Nectar app. Customers can claim their bonus by clicking on ‘tap to reveal your juicy boost’ to reveal and accept your bonus. This giveaway is personalised at a customer level based on the following criteria:

  • How many Sainsbury’s Nectar product offers a customer saved in the app or online at Nectar.com over the time period 21st September 2020 – 18th December 2020
  • How many available offers were not saved but were purchased either in store or online at Sainsburys.co.uk over the same time period.

Customers who have not used or saved Sainsbury’s Nectar product offers in the app will also receive a Juicy Points Boost giveaway. Juicy Points Boost offers are personal to each customer and will be clearly shown in the app. Click on ‘tap to reveal your juicy boost’ to reveal and accept your bonus.

Only one Sainsbury’s Juicy Points Boost Promotional offer available per Nectar customer. Offer not transferrable.

Nectar points will be awarded to the Primary Nectar account collector within 28 days of the Promotion closing date. Usual Nectar redemption rules apply. Nectar points are subject to the Nectar Collector Rules which are available at Nectar.com. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time. Promoter: Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT

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