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11. Grocery special offers, evouchers and Nectar

11.1 From time to time, we may provide you with evouchers, which may be redeemed by you against a first or subsequent order. Evouchers can be used only once, in accordance with the instructions detailed on the evoucher. Those instructions form part of the Terms and Conditions.

11.2 Evouchers cannot be used in respect of goods to be delivered after the expiry date - see evoucher for expiry date. Evouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, used for cash back or purchases from the tobacco kiosk, or of baby milk products, spirits and liqueurs, postage stamps and mobile phone vouchers, phone cards or charity products.  Evouchers are non-transferable and can only be used with the grocery service and cannot be used in store or on any of our online services.

11.3 Evouchers can entitle you to either money off a particular product and/or in some cases a free product. The voucher will state which product or products it applies to, the saving you may make, the evoucher code and the evoucher expiry date. Products are subject to availability while stocks last. If a product for which you have an evoucher is not available and we deliver a substitute the evoucher will automatically be applied to the substitute.

11.4 Evouchers made available to you on the website will state an expiry date.  To use the evoucher you must place an order and have it delivered by this date.

11.5 Evouchers shown on sainsburys.co.uk can only be used on sainsburys.co.uk and may not be used on any other website. All evouchers are subject to these terms and conditions and any other specific conditions notified on the voucher or at the time of issue.

11.6 Each evoucher code may be used once only per customer and/or once per delivery address. Unless otherwise stated an evoucher may be used only by the named recipient, it may only be used as stated on the evoucher and not in conjunction with any other offer or evoucher.  Evouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, gift vouchers, delivery charges (except where stated) or for a whole order. We reserve the right to refuse a coupon on transactions including alcohol we consider are excessive and/or are for commercial or non-domestic purposes or subject onward sale or delivery by a third party.

11.7 From time to time we may offer first time customer evouchers. Only one first time customer voucher may be used per customer per household. Minimum qualifying spend limits and exclusions will apply. A first time voucher may not be used if you or your household have already used a first time customer offer.

11.8 An evoucher may state a minimum order value after any discounts or evouchers have been deducted.

11.9 Nectar points may be earned whilst shopping with our grocery service and you can also redeem points against your online shop.

11.10 You may convert your collected Nectar points into an evoucher to spend at sainsburys.co.uk/groceries in multiples of 500 points.

11.11 Existing Sainsbury’s online grocery customer should ensure their Nectar card is added to their online grocery account and linked before attempting to convert Nectar points. Your Nectar card must be linked to Nectar.com at here.  Please have your Nectar account password ready.

11.12 New online grocery customers may register at sainsburys.co.uk/groceries and add their Nectar card.  Your Nectar card must then be linked to Nectar.com at here. Please have your Nectar account password ready. There will be a 24 hour delay before your Nectar points will be available to convert. 

11.13 To convert Nectar points into an evoucher simply follow the instructions at checkout.  Your current Nectar point balance and how many Nectar points may be converted will be displayed each time you checkout.  To convert Nectar points to an evoucher you will need to manually enter the monetary value of Nectar points you wish to convert. 

11.14 Nectar points can be converted in multiples of 500 points only.  500 Nectar points is the equivalent of £2.50 to spend at Sainsbury’s.  The minimum conversion value is £2.50 and the maximum conversion value is £247.50.  We regret that a Nectar evoucher cannot be used to pay for a delivery charge or carrier bag charge (where applicable).  All online grocery transactions must include a payment from your payment card.

11.15 You can use multiple Nectar evouchers per transaction/grocery delivery but each Nectar evoucher must be of a different value.   For example, you cannot add two Nectar evouchers of £10 each to a transaction but you could add a Nectar evoucher for £12.50 and another for £7.50.

11.16 Your Nectar points will be converted to an evoucher and applied to your order once you click ‘convert’.  Nectar evouchers will expire 12 months after conversion if not used.

11.17 Once converted it is not possible to convert the evoucher back into Nectar points.  The conversion cannot be cancelled or refunded.  Nectar points will be deducted from your account and your balance updated immediately.

11.18 Each Nectar evoucher must be spent in one transaction.  The value of the evoucher cannot be split across several transactions.

11.19 Once converted, you may choose to save your Nectar evoucher for use on a future order.  You will need to remove the Nectar evoucher from your current order by 'unticking' it in your voucher wallet. Your Nectar evoucher will then remain in your voucher wallet within checkout until you add it to a future order.  You must use your saved Nectar evoucher within 12 months otherwise it will expire.

11.20 If you amend your online order so that the value of your order is less than the value of your evoucher you will be asked to add additional items to your order or to ‘untick’ the Nectar evoucher and use it on a future order.  Nectar evouchers will expire if unused 12 months after conversion.

11.21 If, as a result of substitutions or unavailability we are unable to deliver your order in full and the value of your delivered order is less than the value of your Nectar evoucher we will credit your voucher wallet with an evoucher  for the balance.  This evoucher will appear in your voucher wallet as 'unused voucher balance' and will expire 12 months after creation. Customer Service voucher terms and conditions will apply to this voucher.  Click here for details.  For operational reasons we reserve the right to refund all or part of the balance in cash to your payment card.

11.22 Nectar points cannot be collected on any element of a transaction which is paid for by redeeming points. 

11.23 Nectar evouchers can be used online at sainsburys.co.uk/groceries only.  They cannot be used instore.

11.24 To read the Sainsbury’s terms and conditions and Privacy Policy click here

11.25 To read the Nectar terms and conditions and Privacy Policy click here

11.26 Sainsbury’s reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Nectar evoucher conversion process at any time and without notice.

11.27 These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

11.28 If you have any queries please contact us at 0800 328 1700

11.29 Your use of an evoucher indicates your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

11.30 Sainsbury’s reserves the right to withdraw or terminate any evoucher at any time. Sainsbury’s reserves the right to refuse to accept the use of an evoucher if fraud is suspected.

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