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How do I change my marketing preferences? How do I opt in/out of mailings?

We recently introduced a new way for our customers to select which marketing communications they'll receive across the Sainsbury’s group brands.

When you first register an account or email address with us you'll receive a follow up email asking which brands you'd like to receive communications from. You'll also be able to edit your preferences at any time by clicking here.

Once you've entered your email address we'll send you an email containing a link which will allow you to manage your preferences.

Please see the FAQs below for more information regarding this.




What sort of marketing do my permissions control?

The permissions affect whether Sainsbury’s Group companies can send you marketing about our products and services including special offers, through email post or over the phone.

We try to ensure that all marketing you receive is relevant, tailored towards you and sometimes includes special offers so you get the most out of the Sainsbury’s Group

If you remove your permission for us to talk to you from a Sainsbury's Group company or companies, we will no longer send you any marketing through email, post or over the phone from that company or companies.

What is the Sainsbury’s Group?

Sainsbury’s Group consists of Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Sainsbury’s Bank, TU Clothing, Argos, Argos Financial Services, Habitat.

We share a Group-wide privacy policy, which means that by agreeing to our terms you agree to your data being used across the Sainsbury’s Group. For more information please see our privacy policy 

Sainsbury’s Group also owns the Nectar Loyalty Ltd, which manages preferences across the companies included in the Nectar Loyalty Scheme. To access the Nectar privacy policy click here.

Your information held by Sainsbury’s Group companies won’t be shared with the wider Nectar partners.

Marketing consents for Habitat are still managed through the Habitat website.

I don’t remember setting these permissions?

The permissions we hold for you will be based on the instructions you gave us previously.

The first time you register for an account, or use an email address when buying goods from a Sainsbury’s Group company, we will check whether you want to receive marketing or not.

Previously you would have been able to update your preferences by visiting your Account Settings pages on each Sainsbury’s company’s website.

Depending on the option you select, you may set permissions for just the company with which you’re currently transacting, or across the whole Sainsbury's Group of companies.

If you’ve previously opted into, or not opted out from, receiving communications from Sainsbury's Group companies you will see a tick in the Sainsbury’s Group Permissions Centre.

I don’t remember giving permissions directly to Sainsbury’s Group companies, is there any other way I could have been opted in/out of Sainsbury’s Group marketing communication?

Sainsbury’s, Sainsbury’s Bank, TU Clothing and Argos are all members of Nectar Loyalty Scheme. When you register with Nectar you also set marketing permissions for its partners. So if you have given permission to Nectar and its partners in the past, these companies are able to talk to you.

If you want to override any permission you’ve given via Nectar, access the Sainsbury’s Group Permissions Centre and remove the ticks from any companies that you do not wish to receive marketing from. This will override any Nectar marketing permissions and you will stop receiving marketing from that part of Sainsbury’s Group.

How do I change my Nectar permissions?

You can manage your Nectar permissions in the Sainsbury’s Group Permissions Centre by ticking/un-ticking the Nectar tick box, by visiting your Nectar online account or contacting the Nectar helpline: 0344 811 0811.

How can I manage my marketing permissions?

You can update your marketing consents using the following methods:

  • Through any one of your Sainsbury’s Group Account Settings pages
  • By calling any one of the Sainsbury’s Group contact centres
    • 0800 636 262 – Sainsbury’s Customer Careline
    • 0800 028 6658 – TU Clothing Customer Careline
    • 08085 40 50 60 – Sainsbury’s Bank Contact Centre
    • 0345 640 2020 – Argos Contact Centre
    • 03456 400 700 – Argos Financial Services Contact Centre
  • Through the Manage Permissions or Unsubscribe links at the bottom of any Sainsbury’s Group Marketing email
  • By visiting the Sainsbury’s Group Permissions Centre: https://permissions.sainsburys.co.uk

I don’t have an account, but I do have an email address registered with Sainsbury’s Group companies. How can I change my marketing permissions?

Please visit https://permissions.sainsburys.co.uk and enter your email address. We will send you an email with a link which will allow you to manage your permissions.

If no email arrives:

  • Please check you have correctly entered your email address
  • Please check your spam folder

Alternatively you can manage your permissions:

  • By calling any one of the Sainsbury’s Group contact centres
  • Through the Manage Permissions or Unsubscribe links at the bottom of any Sainsbury’s Group Marketing email

How does the Permissions Centre work out my Marketing permissions?

We look up your marketing permissions across all the Sainsbury’s Group companies using your email address, and then show you the up-to-date status of the permissions linked to that email address, across the Sainsbury’s Group.

If you have multiple different email addresses registered across the Sainsbury's Group then we will store your permissions separately, for each individual email address.

If you want to manage all of your marketing permissions in the same place across the Sainsbury's Group then you will need to register the same email address with each of the Sainsbury’s Group companies.

What does ticking a box in the Permissions Centre mean?

When you tick the box of a Sainsbury's Group company, that company will be able to contact you about products, services and special offers that they believe you will be interested in.

For any boxes left blank we will assume you don’t want to be contacted by that company, and so won’t get in touch with you about products, services and special offers from that company.

Can I control my Nectar marketing permissions on this page?

Yes, you can manage your Nectar permissions directly from the Sainsbury’s Group Permissions Centre by ticking or un-ticking the Nectar tick box.

If you remove the tick from the Nectar tick box, you’ll stop receiving marketing from all of the Nectar partners, unless you have separately signed-up directly with them.

Can I control my permissions per communication channel (mail, email, phone) separately?

We hold marketing permissions per brand for all communication channels for this brand. Which means that a tick (opt in) or no tick (opt out) against a brand would apply to all communication channels for this brand.

Does this also control push notifications and social media advertising?

The permissions you set in the Sainsbury’s Group Permissions Centre do not affect push notifications or social media advertising that you may receive. You can control these settings from within the mobile application you are using, or on the social media platform you are using.

I have opted out of marketing from the Sainsbury’s Group but I still receive adverts on social platforms, why?

Opting out of the Sainsbury’s Group marketing will not prevent adverts on social media. To stop these adverts you will need to change your settings on the social media platform you are using.

What happens to my marketing permissions if I update my email address?

If you update your email address we won't transfer your consents from the old email to the new. Please visit either your Account Settings page or the Sainsbury’s Group Permissions Centre to revise your marketing consents.

I’ve updated my email address in the Account Settings page for a Sainsbury's Group company but I’m still getting marketing to my old email address. How can I change this?

You will continue to receive marketing to your old email address until you opt out of marketing for that email.

I have ticked the box to receive marketing from a member of the Group but haven’t received anything yet?

The Sainsbury’s Group Permissions Centre allows you to control who you want to hear from. We want to make sure our marketing is always relevant and tailored to you, so will only be in touch when we have news about products, services or special offers we think you’ll be interested in.


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