Email attachment size greater than 5MB.

Email attachment size greater than 5MB.


Looks like something has gone wrong with your email attachment!

We've made some changes to the types of file we can receive so that we can ensure all emails with files attached can be processed correctly. We can handle most file types that you'll need to send for things like pictures (Jpeg, Jpg, PNG) or documents (PDF, Doc) but all the file types we can accept are listed towards the bottom of this email.

We accept all files up to 5mb in size as well, so if you're attaching a picture you may have to resize the attachment if it's too big.


The types of files we accept are:

  • Csv
  • Doc
  • Docx
  • Gif
  • Bmp
  • Jpeg
  • Jpg
  • Mp3
  • Pdf
  • Png
  • Ppt
  • Pptx
  • Txt
  • Vsd
  • Xls
  • Xlsx
  • Zip
  • Gz

Important information