What are the Geoblocking Regulations?

What are the Geoblocking Regulations?
  • The Geoblocking Regulations (EU 2018/302) are EU Regulations which apply to most traders in Europe. They come into effect from 3 December 2018.
  • Geoblocking requires online traders to allow customers, from all EU member states, to browse and purchase goods and services from their websites without discrimination.
  • All Geoblocking customers have the same rights as UK customers, including the same consumer rights, the same prices, and delivery conditions, and to pay by the same means.
  • We will only deliver to UK addresses. We accept no responsibility for damage or deterioration in the goods once they have been delivered by us.
  • Our goods are provided as suitable for the UK market. Where goods are purchased by EU nationals or residents, we make no warranty that the goods are suitable for use outside the UK. The goods are provided as compliant with technical, safety, labelling and other legal requirements in the UK. Where goods are subsequently exported by an EU national or resident, we accept no responsibility for damage in transit, or for any customs requirements or duty.

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