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Allergens and intolerances in our own brand and in-store prepared products

We appreciate that allergens and intolerances are an extremely important issue and this is something we take great care in when it comes to providing our customers with information. In light of this, we’ve put together a group of allergen specific lists which will show all our own brand products suitable for specific diets.  All these products do not contain the specific allergens in the recipe and we also have effectively controlled the risk of any possibility of cross-contamination. These product lists are updated monthly and can be obtained from our website here.  Please note, as these lists are updated regularly, products/ingredients can be subject to change.  Therefore, we would recommend that you check all product packaging before purchasing/consuming any of our items.

When it comes to products made in our stores, there may be a risk of possible cross contamination due to products being prepared in an open environment.  Please be assured that we always try to ensure proper labelling and signage is available to warn customers that we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens in these products. Therefore, we advise shoppers with allergies to avoid all of the products that are sold from our in store bakery, deli counter, hot food counter, fresh meat and fresh fish counter, Sainsbury’s cafés and our self-service salad bar.

If you wish to see the ingredients of any products sold from the above departments, please feel free to ask our in store colleagues.

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