Sustainable fishing and our suppliers

Sustainable fishing and our suppliers

We are the UK's leading retailer for sustainable fish, and we're proud that we have received recognition over the years for the sustainable sourcing of our own brand canned tuna. Our Taste the Difference Albacore tuna and Drained Ready to eat Tuna are caught using pole and line.

Our Basics and By Sainsbury's Tuna Chunks are FAD free purse seine net caught tuna, to minimise our impact on the environment and other marine life.

The term 'FAD Free' is used to describe fish caught on free schools. Vessels catching tuna for Sainsbury's will only fish on free schools of tuna on fishing trips which supply Sainsbury's. Our cans of tuna caught in this way will carry the 'FAD free' logo on the can to provide customers with visibility of the capture method.

Evolving technology, such as the ability to independently monitor vessel fishing activity using satellites has now enabled us to source from more fisheries while still being sure we're doing the right thing for the oceans and fishing sustainably. Having the ability to source from more places means we can always get the best quality and price product for our customers.

To learn more about how we are committed to ethical fishing, please see online by following this link.

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