Do any of your suppliers use farrowing crates?

Do any of your suppliers use farrowing crates?

At Sainsbury's we are always working to improve the health and welfare of all of our farm animals. The use of farrowing crates, only ever used for the minimum amount of time allowed by the Assured British Pigs standard, is a way in which pig farmers can safeguard piglet welfare and reduce piglet mortality under the current system, whilst still allowing them closeness with their mother. The use of these crates is permitted in our basics and By Sainsbury's ranges.

We are committed to researching commercially viable ways of reducing the use of farrowing crates in our supply chain, working with suppliers, farmers and academics to research methods of free farrowing on our 2 concept pig farms. Projects on these farms, which have been underway for over 6 years, are looking into ways of farrowing without confinement, which will allow the mother to express more of her natural behaviours around farrowing time. We frequently discuss our progress with academics, pig welfare experts and NGOs to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. These free farrowing systems, and the husbandry, feeding and genetics being carefully researched alongside them, will be rolled out to farmers who supply us all over the UK if found to be both successful and commercially viable.

We are proud to offer a wide range of higher welfare pork, with Organic, outdoor bred and reared, and RSPCA Assured products all available on our shelves. By sourcing pork from a wide variety of farms which make use of a wide variety of systems, we can offer a range of pork products which fulfil the differing expectations on price and sourcing practices of our many customers.

Read about out commitment to sourcing with integrity for more information.

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