Recycling facilities available at our stores

Recycling facilities available at our stores

We care about our planet and the effect that both we, and our global suppliers, have on the environment. One of our core values is respect for our environment. Click here to read more.

We provide customer recycling (in the car park) in around 275 of our supermarkets and there are a further 100 which are council provided facilities on our car parks.

We provide recycling for paper and card, mixed glass, batteries and textiles. Other materials that we collect on specific sites are – tetrapak cartons, small electricals, books.

Click here to use our Store Locator to find the nearest store to you with recycling facilities. and can help you locate your nearest recycling centre and hold up to date information on what you can recycle where

Recycling electronic items in-store:

If you have an old electronic item, we can safely recycle these items in-store, for free, with the following guidelines:

- Our store must sell a similar item to the one you're recycling

- You have purchased a replacement item from us within the last 28 days

- You can provide proof of purchase

- Only one item can be exchanged when purchasing a new one

- Electrical equipment that has a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol can be recycled

- If your old product doesn't have this symbol, we'll still accept it as part of an equivalent purchase and recycle it to the best of our ability.

By recycling electrical and electronic equipment and diverting it from landfill, you're helping prevent the lead and the other harmful toxins they contain from polluting the soil and water. These toxins are harmful to our environment, wildlife and also detrimental to human health. This service is being offered in accordance with The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (2013).

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