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How do I find information about the facilities and services offered by my nearest Sainsbury’s store?

Our Store Locator is the quickest and simplest way to find your nearest store. It allows you to search our stores by location and what you're looking for.

For example, it can help you look for the closest store with a Petrol Station, Recycling Facility, Tu Clothing, Click and Collect, Travel Money and much more.

Click here to use our Store Locator.

Store Locator hints & tips;

To view store details, click on the name of the store. Basic store details like address, opening times and contact details will appear.

Click on "More information" to view further store information. You'll be able to see store facilities and services, from when the petrol station is open to which charity the store is currently supporting.

You can narrow down your search result even more by using the filters. Once you've performed a search, a filter button will appear with different filter options. These options are split into different categories. Simply open each category and select the filter you wish. All applied filters will be displayed at the top. You can click on the cross to remove these filters.

On the map, there is a tick box near the bottom which allows you to search the map as you move along. You can move around the map by clicking and dragging the mouse in any direction you wish. Each time you move, Store Locator will search that area again with your applied filters.

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