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What is Pay@Pump at your Petrol Stations?

The Pay@Pump facility allows our customers to pay for their fuel at the pump rather than going into the kiosk to pay. Only chip and pin enabled cards can be used.

You’ll collect Nectar points as you normally would for buying fuel but are unable to redeem points to pay for it.

The following cards are currently not accepted by the Pay@Pump terminals:

  • Fuel cards
  • Maestro International cards (Maestro UK is accepted)
  • Visa Electron
  • Coupons and vouchers

Sometimes, you might find a strange transaction on your bank account after paying for petrol recently. This is because when your card is first inserted, we need to run an online check with your bank to make sure the necessary funds are available. To do so, your bank “earmarks” a value and then authorises or declines the card.

This “earmarked” value can vary from £1 to £99 and sometimes might not even show at all depending on who you bank with. This is known as “pre-authorisation”. This information is displayed on the Pay@Pump screen for most cards at the start of the transaction.

After your transaction is authorised you can then draw fuel and at the end of the transaction the cost of the fuel is applied to your account. The cost of the fuel you’ve purchased will eventually replace the initial “earmarked” value. 

The “earmarked” value is never actually taken by the bank or touched, in any way, by Sainsbury’s.  It’s put into a “holding” position before it’s replaced by the amount you paid for your fuel and then disappears from your statement.

This isn’t a process that’s exclusive to Sainsbury’s but one that you’ll find common to outdoor payment terminals across the UK. If you have any concerns about this process please speak to your bank.

Please click here to use our Store Locator to find your nearest petrol fuel station. 

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