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Sometimes I'm asked to select images when logging into my online account, why?

We always take customer account security seriously and that is why we've implemented a change to the login process, you may be prompted to complete reCAPTCHA authentication when logging into your Sainsbury’s Online account. This is designed to protect websites from malicious software and will test if the user is human or a bot/program/virus.

As soon as you log into your account (click here to log in), you may see a pop up window with instructions and images. Simply follow the instructions shown and you’ll be able to proceed to your account as normal.

If you need to refresh the test at any time, click on the reload/refresh symbol at the bottom.
Alternatively, if you require audio aid, click on the headphone icon. If you require further visual aid, click on the eye icon.

See below for a list of symbols and their meaning.

Image Meaning
reload Reload/refresh
visual Visual aid (click on audio to activate visual if required)
audio Audio aid 
info Info/help 
download2 Download

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