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Can I get a VAT receipt? Which products are subject to VAT?

Instore & Online Groceries
VAT receipts are available in store.  All you need to do is drop in and ask at the Customer Service Desk in one of our supermarkets where a VAT receipt can be issued. A VAT receipt can also be issued at the kiosk in one of our smaller local or convenience stores. 

Instore Christmas food to order VAT request

Customers will not be able to get a VAT receipt until after they have collected their order and paid at the tills. Their deposit is non-VATable so they’ll need to wait until after they have collected their order.

Once they have done this, they should go to the Customer Service Desk or Refund Till and ask our colleague if they can print a VAT copy of the receipt.

They do this by selecting: Supervisor Menu > Extended Menu Button (little eject sign) > then select VAT Receipt > Scan the transaction receipt. A new receipt with VAT breakdown will print.

Online General Merchandise and Sainsbury's Entertainment
Please Contact our Online team colleagues who can arrange to have the receipt sent out to you.

Which products are subject to VAT?
Products marked with an asterisk (*) on your till receipt are subject to VAT.

Read more about the different rates of VAT or Contact Us to check a specific product.

Are you part of the VAT export redemption scheme?
Sainsbury's do not participate in this scheme.

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