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How do I get a copy of my online shopping receipt?

Over the coming weeks we're gradually moving away from paper receipts with your deliveries and instead will be sending you an e-receipt. This is to align with our commitment to become a carbon neutral business by 2040. 

You can also find your e-receipt in your account on the website under "My Orders".

As we continue moving towards e-receipts, you may sometimes still receive paperwork, depending on which store your order was picked from.



We want to reduce waste and our use of natural resources. It is part of our commitment to become a carbon neutral business by 2040. You can find more information on the NetZero page on the website https://www.about.sainsburys.co.uk/making-a-difference/netzero

We will send you an email on the morning of your delivery, attached to this will be a PDF of your e-receipt and this will detail the cost of all the items in your order, any subs, as well as discounts received, vouchers used and the total price paid. It will have all the information the current paper receipt has. You may need to check your junk folder if you have not received it.

These will continue to show in your digital wallet as they do at the moment. You will need to check your digital wallet in your online account to view any vouchers or offers that you have been awarded. 

If you have not received your e-receipt please check the following:
1:  Have you checked all aspects of the email? - Please check the full email from top to bottom as something the attachment is not always displayed clearly at the top of the email. Sometimes the receipt can be attached to the bottom of the email (particularly on Apple products)
2:  Have you downloaded the full content of the email? - Certain providers have been found to block some content from the email. You will have the option 'show block content' which should then allow you to view your receipt.
3:  Have you checked your junk/spam folder? - Some email providers such as Yahoo and Live have been identified providers that push the E-receipt in to spam folders. This is being worked on at the moment so we can stop this happening. 


For more information on the updates you'll receive when placing an order, please click here




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