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What emails will I receive about my order?

What is the order update email?

This email notifies you of any products in your order which are unavailable, or if we’ve chosen alternative products for you.It'll also inform you of any short life items, you will only see this if applicable. This email will also notify you if everything is in stock and arriving in full.



You’ll receive it on the day of your delivery.

Sorry, this email is just a notification of what will be arriving. We can’t make further changes to your order, but if you don’t like something, simply hand it back to us when your shopping arrives and we’ll sort your refund within 5 working days.

Sorry, this is an important service email and we don’t include an option to opt-out.

This email doesn’t include pricing information but you can find this on the paperwork accompanying your shopping.

Any alternative items will be charged in accordance with our Substitution Promise. Please check the paperwork accompanying your shopping for the final cost.

Occasionally, we have to make changes to your order after we have sent the email. Please check the paperwork accompanying your shopping for the final contents. If anything looks wrong, please Contact Us.

An arrow indicates an alternative product. When a product is unavailable, we’ll try to find a suitable alternative, unless you’ve told us not to.

A tick indicates that some, but not all, of your ordered quantity of a product is in stock and will be arriving. We’ll try to find a suitable alternative for the remaining quantity.


If you're looking to amend/cancel your order you can see how to do this by clicking here.

If you're looking to amend your account detials, click here to see how to do this

If you have any queries about your delivery please contact us




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