Northern Ireland Nectar changes - Alcoholic products

Northern Ireland Nectar changes - Alcoholic products

On the 6th April 2023 the Northern Irish Government introduced regulations which bans the collection and redemption of loyalty points on any alcoholic product with an ABV percentage of 0.5% or more.

As a result Nectar points will now be excluded on products that meet the ABV percentage in Northern Ireland.

For more information regarding this change click here, in particular see reference to Clause 17 which includes the following;

  • Clause 17 introduces new Article 57ZB in the Licensing Order (Prohibition of loyalty schemes). Article 57ZB prohibits the award or redemption of loyalty or bonus points for the purchase of intoxicating liquor in all licensed premises.
  • Article 57ZB adds an offence (punishable by a fine up to £5,000) for a licence holder to operate a loyalty reward or bonus scheme.
  • Subsection (2) makes a consequential amendment to Part 3 of Schedule 10A (penalty points for offences punishable with level 5 fine) to take account of the introduction of new Article 57ZB.

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