I want to order a large quantity, what should I do?

I want to order a large quantity, what should I do?

Shopping Online? Click here for information about bulk buying.

Shopping in store? It is against our policy to supply the wholesale grocery trade, including exporters, with bulk supplies of products, since this will provide them with a competitive advantage, and may adversely affect availability to our customers.

We will, where possible, help charity groups and other non-trading organisations, providing that there is no effect on availability to customers.

Supplies to hotels, caterers and local businesses are allowed providing it does not affect the availability of the product. Advanced warning of the order should be given.

From time to time we will apply limits to the number of units/cases that customers can buy of key deals to protect availability and so that as many customers as possible can benefit from these great deals. Bulk purchases are not allowed against any key deal where a quantity limit has been set. The quantity limit must not be exceeded.

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